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We know true innovation is hard-won, our job is to make it easier. We’ve filed more than 5,000 successful SR&ED projects, and our record proves that we consistently deliver on complex files, securing tens of millions for our largest client claims.

Introducing Copoint

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Why work with Copoint?

At Copoint we walk the talk—our innovative process means our clients’ return rates exceed industry benchmarks.

Our reporting gives your business the tools to evolve strategically, and our hands-on approach takes the heavy lifting of technical writing off your team’s plate. We take your application from assessment through defence, optimizing every possible detail along the way.

The Copoint Difference

In a crowded market, Copoint is the SR&ED provider of choice for clients of all sizes—from start-ups poised to grow to multinational companies with complex structures and claims—for four key reasons:

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    We take on the heavy lifting of SR&ED technical writing and financial work so your team can stay focused on the important task of pushing innovation forward. We shoulder the burden from claim preparation through audit defense.

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    We approach your claim strategically, pointing your application in the right direction, positioning project expenditures and optimizing accounting structures to ensure we’re getting every dollar for which you are eligible.

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    We are a true partner. Operating at the intersection of government and industry, we work closely with the CRA during an audit or review to deliver exceptional results, and we work with more than 100 external accounting firms across Alberta to ensure SR&ED strategy is considered at the outset, and claims are seamlessly integrated into our clients’ tax returns.

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    Our team has unmatched expertise and passion, and the relationships we build with our clients are our top priority. Consider Copoint advisors your point people for all things SR&ED, available to answer questions and talk through new SR&ED opportunities whenever you need them.


Canadian business owners know that investing in innovation drives businesses forward. At Copoint, we leverage the SR&ED tax incentive program to help you offset the challenge of funding and re-invest in the people, research and experimentation that allows your business to evolve.

In short, SR&ED applies to any systematic project intended to develop technology beyond what is routine in an industry. We’ve helped clients in all industries—from clean technology and manufacturing to biomedical and energy services—get the most from the SR&ED program.

Returns vary and depend on several factors, including your business’ ownership structure and province of operation.

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