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What is SR&ED

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is the largest source of federal government support dedicated to encouraging innovation in Canada, awarding more than $3B every year.

At Copoint, we leverage the SR&ED tax incentive program to help you offset the challenge of funding and re-invest in the people, research and experimentation that allows your business to evolve.

The SR&ED program allows you to offset the cost of undertaking technical development, where you're either pushing the bounds of your industry, or advancing your company's understanding of science or technology.

SR&ED 101


Many companies see returns of up to half or more of eligible costs, though returns vary and depend on several factors, including your business’ ownership structure and province of operation.

The highest returns are awarded to Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) but there’s significant value in SR&ED for non-CCPCs as well.

SR&ED tax credits can be refundable (cash-back) or non-refundable (pre-paid tax), and past expenditures can typically be submitted within 18 months of fiscal year end. Book a discovery call with our advisors to understand how you and your company might benefit from the program.

Quick info

  • SR&ED is open to all industries, including:

    • Energy
    • Clean Technology
    • Medtech & Life Sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Software & Hardware
    • Agriculture
  • SR&ED can cover the cost of:

    • Labour (T4 salaries)
    • Contracts for performing SR&ED
    • Materials
    • Overhead
  • SR&ED eligible work comes down to a few key questions:

    • Are you pushing the bounds of what is possible in your industry?
    • Are you solving complex technical challenges?
    • Are you experiencing technical failures or setbacks which require iteration?

SR&ED Financing

Interested in borrowing against your SR&ED refund? We can connect you with partners to help you with that!

Sometimes companies can’t afford to play the waiting game. A common issue faced by scaling businesses is the wait time between filing your SR&ED claim and receiving the funds from the CRA. We partner with several firms who provide SR&ED financing and can help facilitate an engagement. Contact us today to learn more.

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