A leader in carbon capture and conversion technology, CleanO2 works to innovate and iterate to increase the energy efficiency of residential and commercial boilers. Their proprietary CarbinX™ technology can sequester 6-8 tonnes of CO2 per year, while decreasing the energy consumption of a building’s heating system by up to 20 per cent. When converted, CO2 becomes pearl ash, a valuable by-product that can be used to create soaps and fertilizers, which CleanO2 has turned into a buzzworthy soap line, which can be found in Canadian Tires across the country.


Calgary, AB, 2013
Clean Technology
Partnered with Copoint
May 2017

We’ve worked with Copoint since very early on, and I cannot say enough about them. Not only have they guided our SR&ED claims, but they’ve been a huge supporter in many other ways and honestly are a big part of the growth we’ve had. I’m more than happy to provide a testimonial for their team.

Jaeson Cardiff

President & Cofounder