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Neilson Beef is leading the charge to improve fertility rates in female beef cattle in Alberta. In partnership with Olds College, Neilson Beef is testing new heifer raising methods that challenge industry norms. Their research has shown that early human acclimatization results in more stable cortisol levels over the cattle’s lifetime, and that these lower stress levels produce many health benefits, including increased fertility rates. The implications of this research cannot be overstated – with millions of cattle in Alberta, even a 1-2% increase in heifer conception rates would produce significant financial and environmental benefits for the cattle industry as a whole.

Partnered with Copoint
March 2020

Because these research projects are such a long-term investment before we get the data, the SR&ED credits have been very beneficial to us to help keep the research rolling

A video highlighting how we partner with Neilson Beef to navigate SR&ED.

Right from the get-go the process [with Copoint] was easy. They take care of everything for us. They know the language to use, they know the points to push, they know the calculations to use. Without the SR&ED claims I don’t think we would be doing this research.

Lance Neilson