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Water is our most precious resource—essential to our lives, the environment, and almost every industry—and it’s important to know what’s in that water. FREDsense uses innovative technologies to change the way the world monitors water quality with field kits that make water quality analysis faster, cheaper, and more efficient than ever before. Traditional analysis tools are expensive, complex, and require off-site processing steps. Leveraging its proprietary FRED technology (the Field-Ready Electrochemical Detector), FREDsense provides fast, sensitive, and easy-to-use sensors to detect chemicals like arsenic, acidity, manganese and iron in water so you can spend less of your time acquiring data and more of it making decisions.

Manufacturing, Clean Technology
Partnered with Copoint
May 2018

We have worked with Copoint for the last couple years and it has been an awesome experience each time! They are diligent, easy to work with and make the process as smooth as possible, always trying to save our staff time. We will definitely continue working with them in years to come!

Copoint Stories: FREDsense

“It’s really easy to say you love innovation and you want to be innovative, but in practice it can be quite tricky sometimes. To go from an initial idea to something that is actually a product that you could make revenue from is quite a long time. SR&ED credits have been one area that has been really beneficial for us because we are doing so much active R&D that it is a great way to recoup some of that expense.”

Emily Hicks

President and Co-Founder