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Neuraura’s mission is is to improve the lives of billions of people suffering from neurological and metabolic conditions. Neuraura’s platform combines neuro-sensing, data visualization and machine learning to transform the standard of brain care. They create products that advance drug development, support diagnostics and enable personalized neuromodulation. Neuraura's latest product is LoOop, which is a wearable device to provide localized stimulation for the treatment of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). PCOS is a metabolic disorder which disrupts the female menstrual cycle, causing patients to suffer irregular or inexistent periods, pelvic pain, hirsutism, and in most severe cases infertility. Approximately 10% of women experience PCOS and it is the number one cause of female infertility. Learn more:

Calgary, 2017
Biotech, Healthcare
Partnered with Copoint
February 2018

"Now there are certain things you really want experts on your side, and for us, SR&ED and Copoint is one of them." -Claire Dixon, CEO

Hear from Claire Dixon, CEO, and Pierre Wijdenes, CPO, about the groundbreaking work Neuraura is pushing forward, and the company's partnership with Copoint.

"I don’t think we have (1) the bandwidth to understand all the mechanisms that makes you very successful in SR&ED, and (2) there’s clearly an advantage working with people who have done that over and over, that the CRA will know those people, understand how rigorous they are, how good they are, and that brings all the credibility that has made us so successful."

Pierre Wijdenes