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Operating out of Calgary Alberta, Fidelity Machine and Mould Solutions is a uniquely Canadian company, offering superior machining, mould making and engineering solutions to individuals and companies alike that require uncompromising commitment to the success of their innovative ideas.

Partnered with Copoint
January 2010

We’ve always felt that if you’re not preparing for the future, the future isn’t going to wait for you. We specialize in working closely with engineers and customers, understanding the problem, understanding their needs and helping them develop a solution that fits.

A video highlighting how we helped Fidelity navigate SR&ED.

Innovation is key because commodity work is highly competitive and there are hundreds of people who can do that work. From day one, research and development has been a significant element of what we do at Fidelity. Anywhere from 30-50% of our work, depending on the project, is in research and development. SR&ED has been an incredibly important program for us. It allows us to more comfortably take those risks and focus on the experimentation, rather than rush to get to commercialization.

Custom tooling developing surgical masks.

Having the right people in your network, the right expertise to lean on is vital. We’ve had tremendous success with Copoint. We’ve been filing SR&ED claims with Copoint for close to 10 years and we’ve never had a claim denied. The great thing about working with Copoint is that they specialize in SR&ED claims—they know what they’re doing, they have strong technical experts that can help us write the claims and strong accounting expertise who can help us with the financial side. We’re proud to refer our customers to Copoint.

Jeff Lister

President, Fidelity