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Fulcrum Air is a leader in aerial robotics for the power transmission line industry. Fulcrum is revolutionizing safety in high-wire environments through the development of heavy-lifting UAVs and robotic tools to replace hazardous tasks previously done by humans. The team is constantly developing new tools to maintain existing networks and assist in new builds. Their current projects include dual line spacers for transmission lines and fire mitigation mesh for wood poles – the installation of which will be supported by their industry leading UAS and proprietary swing stabilization technology. Fulcrum is a global leader in this burgeoning space and it's incredible to have them in our own backyard in Calgary!


Partnered with Copoint
January 2018

I’ve had 15+ years relationship with Copoint and it’s been highly successful. [SR&ED advisory] is very important work – integrity is involved, and completeness and accuracy. Every claim that we’ve made since we started with Copoint has been successful because they’ve been done in a very professional and complete manner.

A video highlighting how we partner with FulcrumAir to navigate SR&ED.

What gives me the greatest excitement at FulcrumAir is the fact that me and the team here are changing how work is done in the power transmission line industry. No one else is doing what we’re doing.

Patrick Arnell